Intelligence Solutions provides NZQA accredited workplace assessors for almost 80 individual Unit Standards under the following qualifications:

  • National Certificate in Compliance and Regulatory Control (Local Government Enforcement)
  • National Certificate in Public Sector Compliance (Foundation) (Level 3)
  • National Certificate in Public Sector Compliance Operations (Level 4) with an optional strand in Investigations
  • National Diploma in Public Sector Compliance Investigations (Level 5) with optional strands in Prosecutions, and Civil Appeal Proceedings
  • National Certificate in Intelligence Analysis (Level 4)
  • National Diploma in Intelligence Analysis (Level 5)

For details on these qualifications by search the NZQA website (selecting National Qualifications from the dropdown list), using the qualification numbers: 1246, 1664, 1665, 1666, 0899 or 0999.


Training Services

We offer training services which are for either:

  • the "agency" - specific to an agency and, typically, run as a "closed" programme for staff within a single client agency with content which is specific to their role and needs; or
  • the "sector" - relevant to multiple agency roles and typically run as an "open" programme for staff from various agencies with the intention being to cross-pollinate ideas and build inter-agency understanding, co-operation and capability.

To satisfy NZQA and Skills Organisation accreditation requirements Intelligence Solutions' workplace assessors have completed a detailed application process to confirm their subject-matter-expertise in the relevant unit standards and qualifications. To maintain our accreditations as training providers and assessors we are subject to regular moderation and evaluation by NZQA to ensure our ongoing compliance with their accreditation requirements.

Please see our Assessment Scope for the list of Unit Standards we are approved to assess.

Please contact us to discuss your learning or assessment requirements.

Check our Training Calendar for workshops in topics of interest to you. Remember, we deliver a broader range of learning and offer alternate dates to those listed on our calendar - simply contact us to discuss your specific needs and we can tailor content, dates and locations to suit your needs.

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