The Intelligence Solutions team specialises in risk management, whether ensuring compliance with legislative models; workplace safety; reducing fraud and corruption; security of your facilities and personnel; or development of standard operating procedures for emergency responses.

We can assist you to manage risk through:

  • Compliance with regulatory frameworks
    Independent assessment and reporting on the impact of regulatory and compliance frameworks and your business's current compliance and ability to fully comply.
  • Workplace Health, Safety and Security
    Raising awareness of occupational safety requirements, practices and their benefits, building a culture of voluntary compliance with and engagement in making the workplace as safe as it can be for both the employer and employee.
  • Crime and Terrorism Prevention
    Identifying vulnerabilities and mitigating risk by developing the systems, processes and people to recognise then monitor risk and identify actions by criminals or terrorists wanting to disrupt or harm your organisation, facilities or personnel.
  • Emergency Response
    Identifying risks arising from business activities and the physical environment then minimising those risks by developing, documenting and training standard operating procedures to respond to emergency situations.
  • Preventing Fraud, Criminality and Corruption
    Assessing your business, its staff and processes to identify and address weaknesses which could otherwise lead to internal and external fraud, other criminality and/or corrupt practices.
  • Business Process Improvement
    Analysing your business processes to identify and address areas of weakness, inefficiency or ineffectiveness; helping to build a stronger business model which provides maximum value.

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