Stated quite simply, intelligence is "Insight for action" - the analysis and interpretation of information to develop evidence-based insight into the issues of greatest interest to you, so that you can target resources to, and take effective action on, the risks or problems identified.

The Intelligence Solutions' team have extensive local and international experience in intelligence practice, management, technology and training including:

  • NZQA approved training providers
  • NZQA Workplace Assessors
  • over 30 years practical experience in intelligence analysis
  • management of intelligence services at national levels
  • delivery of intelligence technical advice and training for government, enforcement, regulatory, military and commercial clients in New Zealand, Australia, Asia, the Pacific, Africa and North America
  • co-development of the Australasian Competence Standards and training framework for Intelligence Officers
  • moderation of the National Diploma in Intelligence Analysis on behalf of the NZ Customs Service for its placement on the NZ Qualifications Authority framework
  • providing technical advice on intelligence training and competencies to Learning State, a division of the State Services Commission (now rebranded as Skills Organisation)
  • development of databases for intelligence and investigative outcomes
  • over 23 years practical experience in using and training i2 Analyst's Notebook software.

To assist you develop Insight for action, Intelligence Solutions provides:

Intelligence Education Programme (IEP)

Developed by Intelligence Solutions, the IEP is specifically designed to support and empower your investment in intelligence and the intelligence processes and outputs of your organisation... > read more

Intelligence Analysis Techniques (IAT)

While various technologies (such as databases and i2 Analyst's Notebook) help to manage, manipulate and utilise high volumes of information, these tools are useless unless the analyst understands the underlying principles and methodologies required to develop robust and actionable intelligence products... > read more

NZQA Training and Assessment

Intelligence Solutions provides training and Workplace Assessment for NZQA qualifications in Intelligence and Compliance.