i2 Analyst's Notebook Advanced workshop

Learn how to use the advanced features of this world-leading analytical charting tool. Save hours by automating the creation of charts and creating templates containing your preferred business and formatting standards. An essential course for all i2 Analyst's Notebook users. Our Basic and Intermediate workshops are prerequisites for the Advanced workshop.

Why run an Advanced workshop?

Our Advanced workshop is vital in a world where analyst's are drowning in data. This workshop is about saving time and empowering analysis through the personalisation of Analyst's Notebook and learning how to quickly create a variety of charts from a single data source or bring together multiple data sets to identify commonalities or discrepancies of interest.

Who should attend?

Designed to follow on from the (prerequisite) Basic and Intermediate workshops, this Advanced workshop is most relevant for those working with structured data sets and wanting Analyst's Notebook to analyse data and produce link, flow and/or event charts automatically.

What is covered?

This "hands-on" workshop is full of practical application ensuring that you are able to effectively use the advanced features of the Analyst's Notebook to visualise and analyse any structured data and personalise the software to best meet your corporate standards or business needs.

After this workshop you'll have the essential skills to:

  • understand data formats and create datasets for use with Analyst's Notebook
  • format importation specifications to create association or commodity flow charts
  • create variations on import specifications to allow multiple link analyses from a single dataset
  • enhance import specifications to automatically add attributes to charts
  • format importation specifications to create event narrative or event flow charts
  • create variations on import specifications to allow multiple event analyses from a single dataset
  • import and merge data from multiple datasets, managing the matching and merging of entities
  • import data from multiple time zones to create a chronological sequence of transnational events
  • create template charts to manage formatting requirements when data is imported
  • create template charts containing formatting, objects and palettes to meet your preferred business standards, including logos, caveats, headers and footers

Customisation of workshop content

While this workshop normally runs using generic exercise scenarios and data sets which are designed to cover all key functionality, these exercises can be customised to include client data, so that participants learn to address issues specific to their workplace. Workshop participants are also encouraged to bring data samples from their workplace and time will be allocated to apply the lessons learned to those data under the guidance of the tutor.

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