Intelligence Solutions are fully independent New Zealand owned providers of i2 Analyst's Notebook training. With no business interest in selling i2 software, we can focus solely on building your analytical capability when using this charting tool.

We offer the most experienced i2 Analyst's Notebook users and trainers in New Zealand and probably the world, offering over 23 years practical experience using Analyst's Notebook in real-life situations and over 20 years experience training i2 users.

Our trainers are highly experienced analysts and investigators with backgrounds in intelligence analysis and investigations into transnational crime and terrorism; national-level intelligence management; plus international experience in intelligence and software training development and delivery.

Our team is led by Mark Boyce, trained and certified with i2 Limited in Cambridge, England. Mark has taught i2 software to many hundreds of staff members from various law enforcement, regulatory, compliance, government and commercial organisations in NZ, the Pacific, Asia, Africa and Europe - bringing an unparalleled blend of personal knowledge and international experience to each workshop delivered.

To assist you get the most out of your investment in this word-leading analytical tool, Intelligence Solutions offers:

Basic i2 Analyst's Notebook workshop
Learn the core principles and functions of i2 Analyst's Notebook which provide the foundational understanding essential to effective use of this software... > read more

Intermediate i2 Analyst's Notebook workshop
Learn how to use the essential searching, data-mining and analytical tools, empowering your analysis and saving hours... > read more

Advanced i2 Analyst's Notebook workshop
Learn how to use the advanced features of this world-leading analytical charting tool. Save hours by automating the creation of charts and creating templates containing your preferred business and formatting standards...> read more

i2 Analyst's Notebook Upgrade workshop
Learn the latest features and functions contained in the latest upgrade of i2 Analyst's Notebook. Depending on the upgrade content our Basic, Intermediate and/or Advanced workshops may be a pre-requisite.

This workshop is designed for users who have already received formal training in the previous version of Analyst's Notebook but now need to understand the functionality provided in a major upgrade. Workshop content and duration varies according to the upgrade content and the participants' experience with Analyst's Notebook.

i2 Analyst's Notebook customisation, configuration and interfaces
Technical advice and business analysis to guide your organisation in establishing corporate standards and best practice models. > read more

Training Calendar
Our training calendar lists the dates on which training is currently programmed.

If you would prefer a workshop on a different date or topic, please contact us to discuss your needs and we can arrange training on the topic and at the time and location which best suits you.

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