Corporate Connections

Developers and suppliers of the SiD Secure Intelligence and Investigation software solutions and analytical charting tools.

Providers of professional development in communication skills and personal skills specialising in public speaking, writing, negotiation, investigative interviewing, resilience, team building, customer service and working with the news media.

Eagle Technology
GIS software, tools and solutions, including the ArcGIS range from ESRI


Professional Bodies

The New Zealand Institute of Intelligence Professionals. Mark Boyce, our managing director, is a founding member and past Secretary of the NZIIP - the professional institute which helps shape pathways in the intelligence profession in New Zealand, promoting professional standards, development and relationships.

The Australian Institute of Professional Intelligence Officers.

The International Association of Law Enforcement Intelligence Analysts.

The International Association for Intelligence Education.

Interesting Websites

CIA World Factbook
Information on the history, people, government, economy, geography, communications, transportation, military, and transnational issues for 266 world entities, as complied by the CIA.

CIA World Leaders
List, by nation, of all the current world leaders, as compiled by the CIA.

Intelligence Bibliography
Not a pretty website, but it contains an interesting collation of intelligence-related articles as compiled by J. Ransom Clark of Muskingum University, Ohio.

Intelligence Blog
Sources and Methods blog containing a selection of musings on intelligence-related issues and intelligence practice.

International Monetary Fund : AML/CFT
IMF material on anti-money-laundering and countering the financing of terrorism.

Jerry Ratcliffe
Dr Jerry Racliffe's website, with a variety of material on criminal intelligence, intelligence-led enforcement and crime mapping.

Jill Dando Institute Of Security and Crime Science
The first university department in the world devoted to reducing crime.

NZ Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade : Country Reports
MFAT home page with the Country Report search panel - quick access to local information and interpretation on the world. Can be more pertinent than the CIA World Factbook on issues in the Pacific region.


Interesting Publications/Articles

New Zealand Government Counter-Terrorism strategy The NZ government position on terrorism.